Injustice 2: Scarecrow/Swamp Thing/Various

Becca hallstedt scfearbomb
Becca hallstedt stdev

The sword on the left is one of my favorites that I ever did at NRS

Becca hallstedt stblades
Becca hallstedt sthilts
Becca hallstedt prisonbusmain paintover
Becca hallstedt garbage truck rendered
Becca hallstedt supermoveintro v1 2ndpass
Becca hallstedt supermoveintro v3

I primarily did prop and weapon concepts, and this was my first fully-concept job. I got to flex my industrial design skills during my time there and it was really good practice for me. :)
The Swamp Thing weapons were my favorite in this batch, but I had a lot of fun working on Scarecrow's fear gas bomb too

May 15, 2017