Environment Sketches & Concepts

Everything on this page was painted by myself, and more content will be added over time. The Photoshop brush that I made for the lineart can be downloaded for free here!


Cookie Cat Ice Cream Shop

Now serving more than sandwiches!

To thwart the ice-cream-sandwich-market-domination by the rivaling Lion Lickers (ugh, no one even likes them,) the Cookie Cat franchise is expanding their line of products! You no longer have to drive all of the way to route 109, thank goodness.

Inspiration images

I wanted to create a nostalgic, eclectic stand or shop that would have Steven sprinting towards it. Pastel colors, huge decorative details, and old-school imagery.

Development Sketches

I tried out a few different storefront styles before going with the Twistee Treat-style stand rather than a shop. Being in a beach town, I imagined the stand being a place at which you grab a bite to-go so you can tip your toes in warm sand while you chow down on a cold cone.