Senior Capstone Game: Art Test

This was modeled and textured over 4 days as the art test of the Senior Capstone Game for which I was the Art Director & Style Coordinator.

This Art Test was likely the most time-conscious project I did for my college career because we had a week to complete it, but I only had four days of that to work due to travelling that weekend. Half of that time was spent modeling, and half of that time was spent texturing. I only used Maya, Photoshop, and Mental Ray from start to finish.

The official visual style concept for the Senior Capstone Game Project: "Ascend."

The official visual style concept for the Senior Capstone Game Project: "Ascend."

This was assigned during the first week of our Capstone Game Project as an opportunity for students to convey their technical skills to the faculty advisors. Not technically being a senior yet, I was taking the class as a Directed Study for fewer credit hours: an option provided to Juniors to experience a slice of the capstone experience. 

The completion of this assignment in the quality that I provided resulted in my promotion by professors to "Art Director" (the title of which was later changed to "Style Coordinator,") meaning that I would work with the Environment Art Lead and Character Art Lead. My duties included developing a style for the game with our Design team by pooling together references and documents. I then visualized the official style, which can be seen on the right.

Once we finalized this artistic direction, I then spent time making guides and tutorials while training the team of 18 artists on how to stay loyal to this concept. I learned a great deal about leadership, flexibility, and evolving a game to meet the abilities of the team, but all-in-all, I was most excited about the collaboration between the different concentrations.