This was made over two days as a personal project. A simple axe for a simple hunter, living as a hermit deep in the woods as he lives off of the nature that surrounds him.

I started working on this axe soon after I had finished texturing the first pass of the War-Ka. I was having such a blast after that was completed, and I was itching to keep working with the momentum that I had. The primary intention of this project was simplicity in the technical application of the texture.

The mesh took less than an hour in Autodesk Maya- I started this project knowing that I wanted to primarily focus on having a strong diffuse map without going into complicated geometry. One of my goals was to almost completely use a hard round brush rather than relying on complicated, textured brushes, which would have resulted in a noisier base. I used no high-resolution model or normals so that I could practice pushing color in the texture and learn the limits and strengths of 3D Coat. I love the challenge of teaching myself strong software that I know will improve my pipeline, and this program especially has opened some amazing new doors for me. Final tweaks and adjustments were completed in Photoshop.

Eventually, this prop was used as a small addition to my Blizzard Student Environment Art Contest submission- laying across a crate that sits next to the front door of the scene. Working on this single object was actually a spark for me to start working on that larger project, and it was a very encouraging start for me to begin such an endeavor.

Despite being such a simple project, this axe helped reinforce a lot of painting and texturing skills that I developed while working on other projects such as the War-Ka and Tyranny: Sword Model. It also improved the speed at which I was working in 3D Coat and sparked the much larger project that the Hunter's Abode became. I now have a better grasp on the pace that works best for me and smoothened my pipeline for future practice.